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I had plans to write a blog post once a month this year. Here I am getting started halfway through February! Better late than never - that is my style! There are so many things to talk about. How do you decide what to make public and what to keep private? I often find myself in Analysis Paralysis Mode instead of actually writing. If I do it more often, hopefully it will become more focused.

As for my podcast, Adulting for Artists, I have decided to take a break. It was fun for awhile but It wasn't in the style I really wanted and I wasn't promoting it much because I didn't feel confident about it. It was a lot of work! A lot of work that I didn't feel like doing. It would have been even more work to get more listeners, so it is on hiatus - but you can listen to past episodes of Adulting for Artists almost anywhere you listen to podcasts. Maybe I'll try again later - it was fun to connect with people but the editing and final version were just too much for me to handle...

Right now I'm working on balancing my budget and getting my income figured out so that I'm not working too much or too little. I need time to work on art and create portfolios for jobs and gigs I'd rather have but I also need to make money! A 40 hour permanent job is not in my best interests. I've got my side gigs which seem to be working pretty good for now. A portfolio of commercial pattern art and design for stationery and decor industry is in the works. Plus I am updating this website - my goodness - All these things could be a full time job. At some point I have to clean my apartment.

I recently purchased a scroll saw! I plan to continue making wood cutout paintings. I feel free making art that is not in a square! No more worrying about what to put in the background. Painting on canvas doesn't seem necessary to my process right now. I don't think I really took advantage of the canvas texture. Now I am working on getting comfortable with the saw which is it's own animal.

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