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Clutter it's a Crime!

You know the cliche that a messy workspace is an indicator of a messy mind right?

Well that's true and now that I'm in my apartment with less distractions than usual I am getting close to dealing with some organizing issues that I have been avoiding for a long time. Like all the papers on my desk scattered about - I didn't put them in the pile by the filing cabinet because they are bills that are due or stuff I need to deal with but they've been sitting here quite a while and I haven't dealt with them yet.

Same with jewelry - what a nightmare - half of it is broken, some I don't like but someone gave it to me, organizing it is something I always push to another time - but it's always in my way!

I started dealing with my bedroom closet last night. there was so much junk in there in the middle of the floor - mainly stuff I have to wash - blankets and winter clothes. I feel like I should wash them before putting them away but I have to take them to the laundromat and pay to wash them and I'm not going to need them til next year so its not at the top of my list of priorities BUT - cleaning the closet is!

Anyway - I need to draw too so here is a drawing of my messy closet. Maybe some action will take place today:)

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