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"How's Florida?"

I've been getting asked this question a lot since I moved here from California two months ago. I think people are expecting me to say everyone here is a republican or a redneck but I am happy to report that it is going well and there are all types of interesting and friendly people here! There is a lot more art than I expected and St. Petersburg is particularly ambitious with its art offerings. I was surprised too!

Art wise it is going great. I just did my first St. Pete Artwalk last weekend and released some ultra affordable 12" x 12" prints of "When A Door Closes" and "On the Fence" - you can pick one up now at the Timimonster Etsy Shop.

Three of my paintings are hanging during the month of August in Graphi-ko, a really cool shop for jewelry and precious stones on Central Avenue near 7th in St. Pete. Central Avenue is a fun street with lots of cool shops and bars - it kind of reminds me of Portland Oregon.

Next month Ill be showing art at the Gateway Gallery on Grand Avenue in Newport Richey, FL. and possibly doing the St. Pete Artwalk again. Stay tuned for more posts on specific dates.


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